All about the frames

Artworks and custom frames

The artwork is originally painted with watercolour by Clementine Campardou ( Blule ).

It is then, professionally printed on acid free, watercolour paper 285gsm and laser cut to achieve the finest finish.

Our frames are custom made in Australia exclusively for Charlie Green Studio.

Each frame is discretely stamped on the side of the frame with our logo.

They are made on demand, and mounted in Sydney by our framer one by one. We use a natural birch ply timber and UV resistant high quality acrylic



There are 4 different sizes.
Each leaf and flower comes in one size only.
  • A5 W172 x H234 x D25mm
  • A4 W234 x H321 x D25mm
  • A3 W321 x L444 x D25mm
  • A2 W444 x H618 x D25mm


How to set up Charlie

Our frames are very easy to set up on your wall.
There are four metallic hangers screwed into the timber allowing the frame to be hung in 4 different ways.

You'll need only one hook per frame.

We recommend that you space the frames between 5 and 10 cm apart depending on the size of your wall and the number of frames you are hanging.


Grow you collection

Charlie has been designed so that the different collections can be mixed together.

The beauty and originality of charlie is that no one will have the same wall as you.
You can compose your walls according to your tastes and colors,
and grow the collection little by little.