The Other Art Fair Sydney 1-4 December 2022

The Other Art Fair Sydney 1-4 December 2022

WOW ! This is the best word to describe how we feel about our participation in The Other Art Fair that just took place in Sydney 1-4 December. A mix of excitement, happiness, stress and… cocktails.

It’s always such a pleasure to see so many art lovers supporting local artists and Australian art. This exhibition was a great way to connect with all of them and to discover such talented people!

We were so glad to finally reveal the new Seaweed Series and to display the full 24 frames collection for the first time. But more than anything, we were simply delighted to meet some of you and to have a chat ! 

Here is a top 3 of the questions that we were not expecting (but that are actually so fair) :

  • Is it painted directly on the frame ?” - No it isn’t, but that’s a cool idea though! It is first painted on paper using watercolor then scanned, before being printed on a beautiful acid-free watercolor paper. 
  • Did you cut this yourself ? - Oh hell no! As much as we love our products, this would require much more skill (and time…). Each piece is laser-cut in Sydney (we leave it to the professionals!) in order to achieve the finest finish. PS: imagine cutting the Boston Fern!
  • Are you Charlie ? - This is definitely a very frequent question and the best way to answer it is : we all are ! Charlie is you, me, and everyone who else wants to join our world. If you want to read more about the name of the brand, click here.

All kinds of questions that made us realise how interested you all are and this made our heart very full

We are still on our little cloud from all the love and positive comments we received and we could not thank you enough. We hope to meet many more of you very soon and, in the meantime, keep the questions coming !

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