Seaweed Series Inspos

Seaweed Series Inspos

I am a huge ocean and surf lover,
so it is natural that I decided to dedicate this new collection to Seaweeds.

I was very inspired by their rich desaturated colours, thin textures,
opalescent transparencies and different cut out shapes.

The seaweed always seems to dance to the rhythm of the waves.
I like the movement it creates on certain species,
they look very graceful and free.

In real life, seaweed exists in three different colours (red, brown and green)
which branch out into many different shades due to their transparency and thickness.


This is what makes the palette of this collection so diverse.

Research paintings


I am also a great admirer of Henri Matisse’s paper cuts work who devoted a collection to algaes in the 1950’s.

Polynesia, The Sea, 1946

It has been a big source of inspiration for me as you can see below.

Henri, A4 size



While some of us don’t necessarily enjoy walking on it on the beach or feeling them tickle our toes when swimming,

did you know that seaweeds are actually really cool ?

They are a very ancient organism that helps to create life in the ocean and capture the CO2 from the atmosphere.
They are key to our ecosystem as they help combat climate change and,
today more than ever, it is a crucial fact to be aware of. 

Also, they are key to making delicious sushi (but that’s another topic).

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